About Brightside

Brightside began as a group of Drama graduates under a different company name, The Broma Pack, in October 2017. It began as a platform for the directors to produce their original work and with a burning passion and a clear dedication: to create outstanding and exceptional comedy that hugely poked fun at life itself. With this in mind, the founding members put pen to a play that began as the company meant to go on, by poking fun at themselves; actors, writers, directors and classic theatre tropes. Under The Broma Pack name, Jamie Henville and Max Silver began writing The Show Must Go On: Pyramus and Thisbe, which would later become their satirical stage show, Definitely Not Romeo and Juliet. 


Since staging this show, they have gone on to produce it at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, create the radio play series Brightside AudioPlay and become the first Emerging Artists of the Portsmouth Guildhall Trust.

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