Definitely Not Romeo and Juliet: Backstage Imbroglio

Written by Jamie Henville

Backstage Imbroglio is Jamie Henville and subsequently, Brightside's very first radio play! It's a short, 11 page script that features around the core characters of Jamie Henville and Max Silver's disaster comedy, Definitely Not Romeo and Juliet.

Ernie and Chris are both preparing for the debut of Ernie's original, tragic, doomed romance, Pyramus and Thisbe, before he finds his company van (which is also his Grandmother's) has been stolen, along with his entire cast inside! The only two cast members left is Chris Mackleroy, the meek understudy, and Drunk Josh, who has unfortunately found his courage in the form of a value bottle of vodka! Both determined to sober him up and put on the show anyway, Ernie and Chris are thrown yet another curve ball when a dodgy police officer shows up right before the show; right after Drunk Josh suffers a potentially fatal blow to the head... They have a real backstage imbroglio on their hands!

Date Published: 27/12/2018

Full Script

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