Directed by Holly Fairall,

Definitely Not Romeo and Juliet

Written by Jamie Henville and Max Silver.

Two Men, One Show, Zero Clue.

On the day of Ernie Villa’s magnum opus, which bears a striking resemblance to Romeo and Juliet, he is horrified to find his company van has been stolen with the cast inside. With his cast incapacitated, the only person available to help is the meek company understudy, Chris Mackleroy. Ernie and Chris battle through the hiccups of staging a 7 person tragedy. Despite technical glitches, botched lines, bad acting and messy surprises, they’re determined to hobble through regardless of what happens. No matter what anyone who’s seen this play says, it’s Definitely Not Romeo and Juliet!

Definitely Not Romeo and Juliet Premiered at Portsmouth Guildhall Studio on April 30th 2019, then took the show on tour to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at theSpaceUK @ North Bridge in Edinburgh in August 2019.

"A laugh riot, had me in stitches from the get-go. "Ernie" channels a young Rowan Atkinson throughout, a remarkable physical comedian with a glorious voice, and "Chris" is hilarious, awkward, & lovable, with a perfect deadpan expression that lands every time. Brilliant in its idiocy, superb in its lunacy, and definitely NOT Romeo & Juliet, I only wish we had room in our schedules to catch it again!"

Alan Coyne, @DoyleELF

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"Absolutely hilarious from start to finish, cannot recommend enough, if you are at the fringe you NEED to see this play! The script is pure genius, married with the quick delivery and perfect comedic timing of the actors; combined with some good old fashioned slapstick that will leave you in stitches even if you're not usually a fan of that sort of comedy. These things, along with all the clever little background details, combine to make Definitely Not Romeo and Juliet the funniest show at the fringe. FIVE STARS!"

Alex Collins,

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"The framed story (to justify the two-ish actors putting on their play, which is DEFINITELY NOT Romeo and Juliet) is well executed and comes full circle in the end for a touching and perfectly deadpan delivery of an almost heart-wrenching (emphasis on wrench) callback to suitably remind us of the device at play. These two stars have some kind of perfect duo happening, clearly comfortable playing off in-the-moment discoveries with each other, holding a joke according to the audience’s timing, and just overall impressive physical comedy. As a necessary student of 2-person, Shakespeare, Fringe comedy, I found Brightside Comedy found a perfect device for their hilarious and well-told story."

Adrian Deane,

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"Absolutely hilarious! I was laughing from start to finish. This cast has amazing energy and talent and their sense of character blew me away. I don’t remember the last time I saw a group with such wonderful comedic timing. Can’t recommend this show enough!" 

Ceili Lang

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"Genuinely the funniest thing I have seen at the Fringe this year. They have so much energy and the show is just perfectly executed. We came post show, totally exhausted and we were still rolling on the floor laughing. Definitely not (totally is) Romeo and Juliet!"

Charlotte Smith,

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