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Written by Jamie Henville and Max Silver

Hello and welcome to the amazing, the fantastical, the downright delectable Brightside Blog! Here you will find (semi) regular posts about our journey through the trials of a startup theatre company.


With this Blog, I aim to offer a record of some of the most important events, lessons and general info in the hopes of offering anyone interested an insight into the process of creating a theatre company from scratch! This even includes all of the boring stuff, but I will try and spice it up a bit so don't worry.

Of course, this would not be true to us if we didn't make it somewhat entertaining so even if you're not interested in the mechanics of starting a theatre company I hope to also make it a fun and interesting read. There will be personal updates, jokes and maybe a few funny pictures so if you like our content you may find some more enjoyment in the reading here!


Well if you got this far then good luck with the rest of it! Oh and if you have any complaints, please don't hesitate in sending them to a Mr Jamie Henville.


Happy reading,

Max Silver

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