BP4: Crunch Zone

Written by Max Silver


Greetings all!


Well all except you Steve, I can't believe you're back here after everything you did... You've got some nerve, bugger off. Go on git! Thank god he's gone, sorry about that folks.


Where are we? That is a good question that I am struggling to answer myself! My brain is rather frazzled at the moment. So as we draw closer to the premier night (now under a month away) we have been trying our best to sell as many tickets as possible. Realistically we don't expect many to be sold independently of our efforts as the number of people who just stumble across shows and buy tickets is quite low, especially as newcomers. So we have been going anywhere that will have us with a little ticket stand and flyers to try and sell as many as possible.


How has this turned out? Quite well honestly! Regardless of tickets, we have been using the opportunity to develop our online presence by offering free sweets and a voucher giveaway in exchange for shares and follows on Facebook. This has been working a treat and some of the participants even buy tickets too! The tickets have been slowly but surely going (thank Jeebus) and we are at around 50% or 75 seats sold currently which is fantastic. It hasn't been easy by any stretch, as anyone who has done flyering will tell you. It involves a lot or talking to people and being ignored or denied or avoided and can easily start to get disheartening. Truth is asking everyone that walks past to come over and trying to sell them things feels awkward and you just don't want to do it! But when we pushed through and began engaging with everyone we found occasionally we would get a response and sell a ticket here and there and it all adds up. So if you are required to flyer or sell tickets know that you're not alone in feeling awful and awkward in approaching people! Don't get disheartened when people ignore you or say no, just laugh it off and keep going because it may not seem like it but eventually someone will care and it is worth it for those people!


So the ticket sales have been good but low and behold we have been so busy organising the back end of things we have forgotten to rehearse the show! Whoopsie daisy, a bit of a goof there... So now it is the fun part where we spend three weeks in intensive rehearsal to make an amazing show and I honestly am so relieved. It can be easy to forget why we have been doing all of this business and company work, marketing, meetings and sales reports, I have been so caught up in it I forgot that we were actually making a show at the end! I am excited because learning and stumbling through these past few months of backend business has bee very intensive and I think I lost sight of the end goal until now. In the end, I am good at creating theatre and that is what I love so I just cannot wait to get back to it and see the show come along. I have made a note in my brainbox and next time I won't lose sight of the project as without that vision it can be easy to fall into the trap of wondering what you are doing all your work towards. Thinking of the night, the laughter and the feeling of putting on a cracking show has been vital in reinvigorating my efforts.


I have roped in my father to help me build the set because of money! Yes, it turns out buying a set is bloody expensive so trust me and call in anyone you know to help you and do it yourself! If you're making a show on a budget then making your own set and costumes is a must. Luckily I'm prone to some woodwork as is my father and our secretary, the lovely Hollie Fairall (it's spelt Holly but she gets annoyed when I misspell it so hey ho!) has a very talented sister who is making our costumes. The lesson here is to get your friends and family involved and help each other. I got some professional poster and pictures taken by my very talented pal Faegan White (check him out on Instagram @faeganwhite he's very cool) for free and in exchange, I helped him renovate his van into a campervan. Seems obscure but we helped each other with things we didn't know and in doing so we both were helped out a lot! If you need something done ask around and you may be surprised at some of your friend's hidden talents.


All in all, it's been a heavy few weeks, one might say we have been in the CRUNCH ZONE! And you know that is serious by the font change and because it is the title of this blog! Yet, after taking a moment of reflection I am overwhelmingly proud of how far we have come from nothing and excited to have laid such a solid groundwork to enable us to proceed with the good stuff, sweet sweet showmaking.


We can't rest just yet as still have to make the bloody thing! But that's the fun bit. Next time you read one of these and imagine my silky tones, we will have done our show. How surreal to think about. Well, wish us all broken legs...


Come on with us! Do it... Say it out loud to your screen. Come on, help us out! Please... I'll buy you a sausage bap. What you're gluten intolerant? Fine don't wish us good luck I don't want your help anyway. 


See you around sport, don't forget to work on your fastball.


Over and Out.

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