BP1: A bit of Background

Written by Max Silver

17/09/18 - 17/10/18

Hello all. This is the very first blog post and it comes because we are currently creating our first website and… well, we’ve got to pad it out somehow! I suppose I should fill in a bit of background as to how we got to this point, for the history books and all that.


We started our company somewhere around October 2017 with me, Jamie and Josh under the name The Broma Pack (which loosely translates to The Joke Pack), from mine and Jamie’s love of jazz and The Rat Pack. This came as we felt our drama course wasn’t offering us enough… well, drama! Our second year happened to consist of almost no practical work and that, little that there was, explored avenues we had no interest in perusing. Jamie and I would often talk about this lack of performance or creative release in the directions we wanted (namely comedy) and so we decided “Bugger it all, let's just do it ourselves”.


So we started writing a show called The Show Must Go On. We invited Josh onboard to help produce because we needed someone to help with the tech and we knew he worked hard because we’ve worked with him before. Then, at a snail’s pace, we began writing more of the show and managed to convince our course’s building manager, Walid, to let us put on a performance in February. When we came back to Uni after Christmas, we had finished a very loose first draft but before we knew it, it was February and the performance was 2 weeks away. So in the midst of our Uni work, we began rehearsing and workshopping the script to make it better and get the props and costumes sorted in time. We had the script completed about a week before but we couldn’t manage to get the studio to rehearse which was a big problem as the show had huge tech elements that we couldn’t try. We could get an hour here and there so we managed to just about programme it all in but for most of the time we rehearsed with nothing in the library park!


The day of the show came and we were rehearsing in the park again and I would lie to say we were feeling all that positive… You see we felt the show was going to be a bit of a disaster as we had no time to practice the whole run, no dress and barely a tech. On top of that, we hadn’t shown anyone new the show ever, so we were starting to forget that there were jokes in it at all. We finished up our ‘dress’ run in the park and I positively spoke about how well the show was going to go to keep up the morale. Yet inside I was very worried, made worse by the fact all my friends and family made up the audience to see me potentially bomb. Little did I know at the time Jamie and Josh felt the same and were trying to be positive despite it all, just like me!


The audience was in, a great turnout and so I got ready to start it. I entered, as nervous as I have ever been onstage and as I did… Laughter. Everyone started laughing. I was in shock, I hadn’t even done anything and they were already all happily chuckling away. This, of course, threw me and I forgot my first line, but luckily Jamie messed up his cue and unwittingly saved me from the headlights! From then on it was great, the show went on and on (with a few hiccups, granted) but the audience loved it and by the end, we were on cloud 9. We received great feedback all round and were all extremely happy but the stress of it all made us decide to leave it for the time being to focus on Uni and have a rest.


Well, this rest turned out to last all the rest of the term and all of the summer. That’s a little bit unfair because Jamie and I did write scripts over the summer, but otherwise, nothing. Feeling annoyed that we had done little over summer and full of energy, we re-committed to making something for ourselves while we still had all the free time and resources from Uni.  Jamie didn’t like the name so he asked me and Josh to think of a new one. We are useless though, so he came up with a new one and Brightside Entertainments was made. We registered through Companies House which is surprisingly very easy for simple partnership and so we came into being.


That’s how we and our first production came about. From sitting in a grotty student flat dreaming of having a company sitting in a grotty flat having a company! If you’re interested in seeing our journey into the industry, then stick around for more posts that will be a lot more specific into the minutia of setting out into theatre!


Bye bye now you beautiful person... Probably. I have no way to know because I can't see you due to this being a blog. So if you are a beautiful bye. If not, don't be so hard on yourself I am sure you are beautiful really. But if you're really not, I am sorry, it sucks being ugly eh? Well, at least you have your sense of humour. What? You don't have a sense of humour? Oh just go away this joke has gone on far too long anyways stop reading!


Max 'The Uggo' Silver

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